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In 1952, Sofia Public Transport Company was divided into two companies:  Sofia Autotransport and Sofia Electrotransport. In 1956, the repair of trams and trolleybusses was taken by Sofia Electrotransport Company. In 1959, the transport companies merged into Public Transport Company. Since 07/01/1964 Electrotransport Company has been separated as Branch 1 of the Public Transport Company. 

In 1993, 13 municipal and trading companies, servicing the mass transit, joined and were registered as Public Transport Company Sofia (PTCS) Ltd. In 1996, Tramcar Ltd., the factory for production and repair of rail cars, joined PTCS Ltd. 

In 1998, on the authority of a decision of Sofia Municipal Council the departments Tram Transport, Trolley Transport and Transenergo merged in a stock company PTCS – Electrotransport JSC. In 2002 a change in the name of the company was made, as follows: Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC.  The structure of Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC consists of three tram depots: Banishora, Krasna polyana, Iskar, and two trolleybus depots:  Iskar and Nadezhda, Transenergo and Railway Track Department.

At the end of 2008 Tramcar JSC joined Sofia Public Electrical Transport Company JSC. At the present moment it is a department.

Here you could see historical data about tram and trolleybus transport in the capital:


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