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"Tramkar" Department

Поделение ТрамкарAddress: Sofia 1618, 126A Tsar Boris III bul.
Director: +3592-855-40-94
tel.: +3592-855-10-38, +3592-856-50-21
fax: +3592-955-52-02
e-mail: tramcar@internet-bg.net

TRAMCAR EAD is a specialized plant with a half-century traditions and experience in manufacturing and repair of transport vehicles for the electric public transport.

The beginning was set in the 20-es of the past century, with the establishment of a technical work shop at the tram depot. The first Bulgarian coaches were constructed, followed by tram. In the course of time, the production and repairing activity extended up to the current level of repairing production and modernization of the electrical rolling stock. 

Repairs and modernization are done in the specialized work shops, which are equipped with the necessary facilities, stands and machinery. The respective sections have the necessary equipment, which provides technologically the process and the quality of repairs.

TRAMCAR EAD has the following facilities and equipment available:

  • Machines for processing of sheet material;
  • Universal and specialized metal processing machines;
  • Carriage Section with the necessary equipment;
  • Wheel-set - Press section with a closed;
  • Thermal Section for Carbonitration in liquid medium;
  • Work shop for production and repair of direct-current electric motors, supplied with automated impregnating installation.

Until now, all of the trams and trolleys, which are operated in Sofia, have been repaired in   TRAMCAR EAD. The main activity in the last couple of years has been related to modernizing the existing trams.

The company intensively works on:

  • reliability of units, aggregates and systems; 
  • security and safety during movement;
  • improved comfort ability;
  • transport capacity.

For the purpose of preserving unique types of old trams and trailers,  TRAMCAR EAD restored in 1999 a tram of the type MAN - Siemens - 1935, and in 2000 it made according to the preserved documentation and drawings an authentic running gear trailer of the "DTO - KARDALEV 1928" type.

This composition of two vehicles is a notable historical attraction in motion. 


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