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"Transenergo and Railsroad" Department

Поделение Address: 1202 Sofia, 16 Kozlodui str.
tel.: +3592-931-81-19; +3592-931-23-17; +3592-831-19-92
fax: (02) 931-41-43;
е-mail: office@transenergo-bg.com  
website: transenergo-bg.com

Object of activity:

1. It provides the Sofia Public Transport with a permanent power supply for the tram and trolley overhead networks.
2. Maintenance and operation of the overall infrastructure of the city electric transport.
3. Maximum operability and efficiency in removing emergency situations.

The division is specialized in:

  • Designing, construction and reconstruction of the catenary system and a railroad track; 
  • Maintenance, operation and reconstruction of converting substation; 
  • Development and manufacturing of basic units on the catenary system, conformable to the latest European trends; 
  • Measuring the electrical safety; 
  • Current maintenance of the railroad track and communication systems; 
  • Maintenance and repair of the special vehicles of the public electric transport, etc.

The division is licensed by the Ministry of Energetics for designing construction and mounting work, as well as any kind of measurements, and it disposes of up-to-date equipment and technological equipment for implementing the aforesaid activities.

For more detailed information, please visit the website of the division at: http://www.transenergo-bg.com/


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